Yoga For Autism

Yoga For Autism is a specialised sensory Yoga method designed to enhance the lives of those with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) symptoms.

It is both powerful, profound and practical technique that aids children and adults on the autistic spectrum as well as others with special needs. It fuses together elegantly, our modern scientific understanding of movement, the brain and neuro-sensory systems, with the healing art of yoga.

Yoga is a powerful way of accessing the neuro-sensory processing system through its method of mind, body and soul practice, and it works so effectively with differences like the Autism Spectrum.

The core principle of Yoga is to help each of us achieve our highest potential and to experience enduring health and happiness.

Yoga begins by working with the structural body; inter- hemispheric mind; gross and fine motor-coordination system; calming the inner working of the sensory system; perception and spiritual expressive psyche. This helps bring us into a healthier state of homeostasis. At the same time internal organs are toned and rejuvenated, the digestive system, epidermal, lymphatic, cardiovascular, blood, cells, water and endocrine system are stimulated to enhance the release of toxins and waste products. The nervous system and brain cells are nourished and mental clarity, communication and spiritual connection increased.

Yo’tism Yoga focuses on Postures, Breathing, Chanting, Meditation and Relaxation in a way that is modified into a therapeutic body-brain integration, a neuro-sensory sequence that meets the needs, abilities and attention level of the child or adult.

A regular, repetitive, practice of Yoga can change the life of someone with ASD by helping them reach new levels of regularity, balance, concentration, clarity, inner understanding, expression and emotional release.

Just some of the benefits of what Yoga for Autism offers:

– Reduction of pain.
– Reduction of aggression.
– Reduction of obsessive and self-stimulatory behaviours.
– Reduction of anxiety.
– More control in regulating anxiety and emotions.
– The joy of sharing classes with others and making new friends.
– Building of social skills, awareness and reduction of social anxiety.
– An Increase in confidence and self esteem.
– Improves fine motor skills
– Improves spacial awareness.
– Improves muscle tone.
– Improves strength.
– Improves flexibility.
– Improves balance & co-ordination.
– Improves Neuro-sensory Integration and coordination.
– Improves respiratory ability and capacity.
– Promotes calmness and peace of mind.
– Improves spine and organ health.
– Improves head, neck and upper trunk control
– Improves self-awareness (both body & mind).
– Developing the ability to self regulate across environments and demands.
– Developing ability to relax and release tension, fear & frustration.
– Reducing stress reaction and improve resilience.
– Improves both quality and quantity of sleep.
– Improves respiratory ability and capacity.
– Improves immune function.
– Improves focus & concentration.
– Enhances a sense of emotional balance.
– Helps them to express their emotions more effectively.
– Find their personal freedom.

Yo’tism, the organisation I trained with, is dedicated to providing Yoga as a method of healing and growth to people on the spectrum, their family members, care workers and educators as a natural therapeutic intervention.

One of our passions at Yo’tism is to offer Yoga, natural therapies, support and heartfelt awareness to every child or adult on the autism spectrum, so they can access the tools that help to heal and unlock their full potential.

For more information visit their website

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