1 to 1’s ~ Yoga For Autism and Special Needs

For a child or adult dealing with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) symptoms whether mild or severe, yoga can act as a way of balancing, regulating and coping better.

In these one to one sessions, the practice can be specifically created to meet the child’s or adults needs, abilities and attention levels.

Yoga introduces a deep sense of body awareness, mindfulness, motor-neuron organisation and can gently reset the nervous system to create a shift from ‘survival’ mode to a feeling of internal safety and coping. The sensory system is given space to process, the muscles slowly come out of a contracted state, and attention is bought more to the quiet self.

As those with ASC symptoms develop a sense of internal control and calm, relaxation, self-awareness and positive internal dialogue, they become better able to interact with others and the environment around them without stress. Creating a positive sense of self is the core of any bodywork or psychological therapies.

Yoga takes you into a parasympathetic state where the body can digest food better, produce the necessary hormones and get to an optimum immune state.

I will draw upon my skills from 15 years of teaching yoga, free form movement, Zenthai Shiatsu massage experience and the many lessons, insights and experiences I have learnt throughout my life’s work and adventures to offer you or your child all that I can.

Read Cloe’s Biography here

Exchange: £50 for 1-5 people

Extra cost may be applied if you live further than 10 miles from Brighton.

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