1 to 1’s

This is a yoga practice specifically for you.

Whether you are a complete beginner or if you have been practicing yoga for many years, each class will be created to be whatever it is you need in the moment.Classes can include a variety of styles of yoga:


Create more ease, flexibility, strength and a deeper connection to the source of energy in your body; as well as a sense of acceptance, connection, clarity and inspiration to yourself and your life.There is no such thing as failure in yoga, there is just exploration to see what your body needs in each moment, which changes every time you show up on your mat. Discover, listen and put into motion or stillness what it is that truly serves you by honouring what you feel – not what you think you should be doing, or what you think you should look like. Yoga is about creating space to breath, to live and to feel and connect with yourself in each moment.

Yoga is for everyone.

Whether you can do the splits or can barely touch your toes; whether you can stand on her head for 10 minutes or if you struggle to sit crossed legged for more than 2 seconds – yoga is for you.For the whole of you. Full body. Full being.


You don’t need to be, or think, or look a certain way to practice yoga – you come as you are and find your own unique journey with it.Whatever you are seeking from a personal yoga class, from a high energy dynamic practice or a relaxing restorative practice (or a blend of the two), all is possible.These classes are a space for you to let go, to get inspired and motivated, to reconnect to yourself, to release stress and tension from your body and your life and to feel alive, free and relaxed.You can choose to experience a blend of any of these as part of your session

Asana (Postures)
Flowing Sequences
Pranyama (breathing techniques)
Hands on Assists

I can design a class for you that counterbalances and enhances your lifestyle.

Whether you are an athlete, an office worker, a dancer or bus driver – I can specifically create a session based on the postures you need to relieve aches, pains and stresses of your working day and to build strength and flexibility to take greater care of your body.


I will draw upon my skills from 15 years of teaching yoga, free form movement, Zenthai Shiatsu massage experience and the many lessons, insights and experiences I have learnt throughout my life’s work and adventures to offer you all that I can.

Read Cloe’s Biography here

Exchange: £50 for 1-5 people

Extra cost may be applied if you live further than 10 miles from Brighton.

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