Why: To feel deeply nourished and on top of your world at peace and fully connected to yourself, your body and your life.
This is a rhythmic and inspiring blend of yoga and live sounds. This event will take you on a journey through different elements of sound, sensation and sequences. The Yoga is the means to get into your body to feel yourself, heal yourself and free yourself. The vibrations and potency of music and vocals will take you deeper, into unexplored and forgotten spaces, and fill you with a new lease of self awareness, self connection and self knowing.

The music will be a creative mix of mantras, shamanic sounds and rich angelic tones.

You will then be swept away on a Sound Healing experience as you dissolve back into the earth and let the rejuvenating sounds take you on a journey of deep expansion, authentic awakening and sweet surrender.


This is a joyful, healing and nourishing event…to excite your senses and your soul.


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